The first steps Edit

When you start you will find yourself in a 3D/2D hybrid world. First thing you will need to do, is collect some dirt by tapping on it. Afterwards tap the portal and trade the dirt you just acquired for a workbench. Then you should make a craft bench, which will allow you to make baskets to increase your inventory space. After that you should find some flint, which is a valuable asset for crafting the first tools (flint tools). Then, at your workbench you should craft a tool table, where you will be able to make some flint tools. You should first make a machete to be able to collect a sticks from the tree leaves and make some baskets to increase inventory space. Once you have collected the sticks it is recommended you use them to make a fireplace and torches and ultimately some baskets. Next you should make a pickaxe to dig for some stone or make an axe to collect wood from trees. To be continued...

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